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Our true passion is custom solutions for industrial automation problems.

Perhaps you'd like to incorporate robotic cells into your line, or create exclusive measuring and vision systems. dmac welcomes all challenges, and will meet it with an innovative solution based on your needs. We have the expertise and resources to get the job done right, the first time – from single, portable solutions to larger solutions with multiple operations.

The industries we've worked in run the gamut – from automotive manufacturers, major retailer warehouses, food and beverage services and the military. View a quick product list, or better yet, contact us for more information.

robotic automation

Robotic cells, robotic palletizers, chamfering equipment, assembly equipment, fixturing, press feeder equipment, die cast machine tending, part finishing, and part testing.

material handling

Palletizing machines that stack and de-stack, lift & tilt tables, flip & dips, diverter/combiners, pallet handlers, and loaders.

food, beverage & recycling

Bottle conveyors, carton tapers, pallet conveyors, palletizers and de-palletizers.

welding equipment

MIG welding cells, resistance welders, robotic & fixture cells, and stand-alone spot/stud welding.

hard automation

Pick & place units, hot stamp/forge loaders, pierce & qualify stations, spac nut automation, pre-form & pre-crush units, tube seam sense and orientation units.

other automation

Vision inspection & qualify, plastic de-gating and flame treating, clip and grommet insert and inspect, mastic/glue application, RIV nut application, lathe/CNC machine tending.